Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Time To Reflect

A big portion of my  junking friends are smack dab in the middle of getting ready for the biggest show that we do all year, During this time we are focused on trying to do the very best we can to take advantage of all possibilities that are offered to us at the show we have chosen to take part in.  We will be set up at the Marburger Farms Show in Tent A, Booth 8. Although I have been very busy getting things ready I have been able to reflect on some areas in my home that are peaceful. 

A quiet window with soft lighting that  will calm any anxious feeling that I may have.

A window in my laundry room that causes me to stop and think about what the day has in store for me.

Windows across the back of our family room that makes me want to take a short break from chores and smell the roses (hydrangeas)

Baby bed where precious babies have not a care in the world
This bed also shows the bedding we designed and have made for your precious babies.

The window at the head of our bed in the master bedroom. The place where any problems I might have are discarded for a restful nights sleep

A simple table in the sitting room off the kitchen. A nice place to have a chat with a good friend.

Bathroom where a bath takes care of tired muscles
(Shower curtain is also our design)

I would also like to hear about places in your home that calm frustrations and remind you of the many blessings that are yours for the asking!!


  1. Beautiful, Judy! Wish I could have seen you when you were in Minnesota! Hope that Marburger goes well for you. I'm sure it will be as fun as always!


  2. Hey Judy, it's all so pretty! I didn't want to respond to your email but it appears that my email has been hacked? My brother called to tell me and I've already received several messages from others. I'll have to figure it out. Thanks for the heads up! Have a great weekend, T

  3. I LOVE IT ALL!!! Most of all I love the shower curtain. Please let me know the price of it... Have a Merry Christmas!