Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Old House

Just so you will know this is a true story and that I really was there I went ahead and posted a picture of myself on the porch of "This Old House". As you can see in the background the porch is littered with pieces of wood and what you can't see is that some of this litter is pieces of gingerbread trim that had fallen off the top part of the porch.  My heart still flutters when I look at this picture and see what a treasure is in the woods of deep East Texas.

The old Cadillac is still parked in the front yard just as if it is parked waiting to take a road trip.  I am told by my sweet husband that this is  a 1960 model luxury car.  The most fabulous thing about "This Old House" is that it is completely filled with furniture!!! The kind  of  furniture that those of us who would die for an old shabby (with the horse hair showing) sofa is still setting  in the the living room.. It looks to me as if this was probably a house of distinction!! Oh what a shame!

This is a place we can look at and wish "what if" but  until that happens why don't we just think about what we do have and what we can do with it.  I can help you decorate the one you are living in now!! Just call me at the number on our home page.  Also, another opportunity to fill your home with the kind of treasures that will make you sing a new song is to meet us at the "Urban Market Antique Houston Antique  Show" which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 11 and Sunday Feb. 12.  The hours are from 3-6 pm on Saturday and 9a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.  The address is 9401 Knight Road, Houston, TX  77045.  I know we will see you there.