Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hackberry Hill Farm

After 15 plus years we have finally agreed on a name for our little piece of heaven here on earth. The tree that stands out front in the pic is called a "Hackberry Tree" and that is why we have decided to name our little farm Hackberry Hill Farm.  There is another one just inside the pasture and several others that are not shown in this picture. When you get your invitation to our JUNE 11 SPRING SHOW you will not be confused when it comes from Hackberry Hill Farm. Remember our show this time will be on a Saturday and we hope this makes it easier for you to include it on your calendar.  We are working to make it a very special show and hope you gather all of your friends, bring them with you and make a day out of it.  If you have never been, find someone that has and come see that everything in the house truly is for sale. Call us if you need more info

You will love this new bedskirt that doubles as a coverlet that we have just added to our Whitewash bedding line.  Everything you see in this pic will be for sale.  Also the potting shed will be open!! I don't have it finished yet but as soon as I do maybe I can get a pic posted for you. Remember Saturday, June 11.  Hope to see all of you then.  Hugs, Judy