Monday, September 13, 2010

Black and White

We are very slow learners!!! This is our first post where we have scanned a photo and then inserted it into our blog.  I know that sounds fairly simple to most people but to us that is a big accomplishment.

Another big accomplishment is being able to get everything ready for the upcoming Marburger Show.  We are just about ready and are really looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful displays that all of the vendors have worked on so long and hard.  Believe me there is not other place you will be able to see so much inspiration.

The photo above is of our family room when it was done completely in white with just a touch of black.  One of my favorites.  I hope you can tell a little about it. Our Christmas show is in the back of my mind.  I already have ideas on what we will be doing so just put EARLY Dec. on your calendar and I will post a date as soon as we return from Marburger.  Hope to see you there.  Tent A, Booth Aa7


  1. From what I can see it looks very beautiful!
    I too love white with touches of black for the contrast. I wonder what that black thing beside the glass table is, I can't figure it out, the picture is just too small.
    I have a tip for you, if you scan your images with setting of 300 dpi they will come out big and clear and when you upload them to your blog you can chose the size that will show here, but by clicking on it we will be able to see the whole picture with all the yummy details!

    Oh how I wish I could fly over the big ocean to see all the inspiring displays at Marburger *sigh* Oh well one day!

    Can't wait to see your Christmas decor either!
    Good luck with you show!

    Warmest wishes from Germany sends you

  2. Just beautiful. Love Love Love it.
    aka Junk Palace

  3. You're one up on me Judy. I still haven't mastered the art of scanning. My scanner came with my camera, but long story doesn't like my computer!
    You know I'm a sucker for B&W!
    Hope to see you at the blog party!

  4. Hi Judy, I just bought a scanner a few days ago, waiting for the husband to set it all up for me. I hope it's pretty easy to use! I love the picture your showing, beautiful as always!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

  5. Can't beat black and classsic.
    ..this room looks lovely! So glad I found your blog! All the best,Chrissy

  6. Hi Judy,
    I just adore black & white, you can always add little pops of color, but i just love the simplicity of it all.
    I am looking forward to your Open House in Dec. Would it be ok it i bring my camera????