Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Late White Wednesday

This is the first time I have been able to do a post for "White Wednesday" and although I am a little late getting it up I am thrilled to say "It Worked"  We have just revamped our blog site and will be struggling to learn all the details of what makes the blogging world such a fun place to be. This is part of our bedding line and a more detailed information page is on our website. Take a look.  We will be working on that site in the
next few days. Thanks for visiting with us and I want to take this opportunity to thank Theresa with Garden Antiques for all of her many tips.  She is a sweetheart in case you didn't already know that.


  1. Yes, I do know that Theresa is a sweetheart! As are you! Glad you joined the blogging world!


  2. Ahhh! I think this is a good move. Easier to find you and keep up with ya. Looking forward to more pictures and words of wisdom. *smile* ~Mindy

  3. It did work and it's still Wednesday. I'll be back for lots more visits.... Maggie

  4. Hi Judi,

    I'm so sad I won't be in Texas to attend your show...I'm going to have to start planning my vacations better. I'll be following your love what you do!


  5. Hi Judy,

    nice to "meet" you!

    I saw all the pictures Theresa showed from your wonderful home shows and I'm always so in awe, all your finds and amazing displays make me want to take the next available flight and come right over to take it all in personally!
    Oh how I wish I'd live closer to Texas and not so far away on the other side of the big ocean *sigh*

    Happy White Wednesday to you and welcome to the blogging neighborhood!

    Sending you warmest wishes from Germany

  6. Judy, you did it!! So excited for you. Isn't it great to learn new things. I'm always trying to learn more myself. Have a great day, T

  7. Theresa could make a fortune telling the rest of us how to set up blogs. She was my muse when I was trying to get up and running. Don't'll be a pro in no time.

  8. Your White Wednesday looks great. I'll be back to check on you.
    aka Junk Palace

  9. Hi Judy, I'm very excited for you, blogging is so much fun, but I will say I've kinda gotten addicted to it! I love your bedding that you have showed for White Wednesday, it's just gorgeous! hugs~~~ Daphne

  10. Welcome to White Wednesday...we always have so much fun playing together! Your bedding is simply beautiful!

  11. The bedding is absolutely divine!! I am so glad to have found you out... I'm your newest follower as of now. Looking forward to upcoming post!

    Have a Wonderful Day*