Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A mix of "White"

I apologize for not keeping my blog updated!! Here are a few pictures of some "white" pieces that we have 
had in our home at different times.  Since this is "white Wednesday" I thought I would try to post some of our
white furniture items.

This is a "married" chest and mirror that I wish I still had
A "springtime" mantle arrangement

I love the contrast of the dark green walls with the stark white of the old wicker sofa.


  1. Love it Judy! I just did a post that included you.

  2. Oh Judy, I've been there wishing I had certain things that I had given away. Even though I'm more careful now it still happen sometimes. Your mantel and settee are very nice pieces and pretty too.

    Take Care*

  3. Hi Judy, it's all so pretty, I especially love the first picture!!! Can't wait to see more!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  4. Oh, Judy. The guilt hits. I have not been to a show in too long. I am trying to remember where the green walls are. Front room to the left? hmm...always great to see your magic. ~Mindy

  5. Judy, I love that long mirror over the loveseat! Do you still have that?

  6. Hi Juddy,
    I loved the couch and the mirror too much! I really love white color and often choose white furniture for my place and I think the above couch can be great choice for my existing furniture.